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Refund Cancellation Policy

Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College

To raise any request about the fee payment (online mode), the applicant needs to have a copy of the order id and their registered email address, name and affiliation with them. Any request for refund of the fees will not be entertained if,


  • The payment gets debited from the account of the participant and the internet is not working properly from their end due to any reason.
  • The system fails to generate the required acknowledgement due to internet malfunction or any other network error from the end of the participant.
  • The payment(s) gets deducted from the payer’s account but is not credited to the account of the College for the particular course(s).
  • The participant fails to complete their course(s) or comply with the rules and regulations of the programme(s) conducted by TLC Ramanujan.

In case of reasons other than listed above, the participant will have to wait for a minimum of 15 working days to initiate any action from our end. 

The decision of TLC Ramanujan will be final in any case.