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FDP on Managing online classes and co-creating MOOCs

Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

This Faculty Development Programme has been designed to facilitate the following:

  • Development of deeper understanding of the dynamics of e-content creation and the underlying technology and proficiency
  • Use of open source tools for creation of e-content including generic video creation softwares for recording and minor editing, screen capturing
  • Assistance in Online Course Instructional Design and Best Practices
  • Awareness on Open Educational Resources (OER) and MOOCs
  • Design and develop a MOOC course based on the four-quadrant model
  • Preparation of online assignments and quizzes
  • Grading and evaluation
  • Build a platform for transacting the online course and managing it.


Anyone with basic knowledge of ICT and usage of internet can enroll


Dr. S.P. Aggarwal (Principal and Director TLC, Ramanujan College)

Dr. Nikhil Kumar Rajput (Assistant Director(TLC) )

Ms. Bhavya Ahuja Grover (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Sachin Tomer (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Raghuvanshi (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Vipin Rathi (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Sahil Pathak (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Ashish Kumar Shukla (Assistant Professor)